Project Pride

The Walk of Honor


Can a brick be purchased for someone other than a Fallen FF?

Yes. The bricks are to memorialize a fallen FF, close friend or family member of a FF. Also, bricks may be purchased in honor of a current FF, close friend or family member of a FF. Lastly, the bricks may be purchased by businesses or associations as a way for those members of the local community show their support towards the Fallen FF Memorial Park.


Will the orders that come in first be placed closer to the memorial/monument compared to an order that gets placed a week before installation?

Initially the bricks that get installed into the Walk of Honor will have no geographical bearing whatsoever. The only bricks that will have preference to being in closer proximity to The Fallen FF Memorial Statue will be the 3 Official LODD deaths recognized by PBCFR as well as a memorial brick for Woody Brice. However, if the bricks sell out in phases with the installations requiring 100 brick allotments before installing, then the memorial bricks orders placed early (prior to June/July 2008) will have greater location than bricks selected after the initial install


If so, can we place purchases for bricks in advance only to have the company inscribe a message on them down the line while on site (post installation)?

The company does not inscribe any bricks on site (post installation after June/July 2008). The company will continue to receive orders post installation in 100 brick increments in order to dig up the blank brick currently installed in the available spaces within The Walk of Honor, only to have either that specific brick or a new one inscribed and installed in its place. There have been some requests to explore options of having an outside vendor inscribe some bricks on site... Not decided as of yet.


Can a brick be purchased with a FF's service date even if the FF has not retired yet? (Will the company come back in 5 years to place the retiree's closing date of service on the brick once placed in the Walk of Honor without the date?

The company will not come back in 5 years to complete an order. A new order can be placed with the company so that a fresh brick can be inscribed with the manufacturer laser and re-installed into The Walk of Honor.


Will there be an extra charge for this?

Yes, the charge of a newly purchased brick. We may be able to explore options for a separate vendor to come out and etch on site. The committee will need to decide whether this quality of "on site inscription" will look comparable in quality to the original bricks installed.


If a FF would like to purchase a brick with their service date on it, but they're not quite retired yet ... will the company agree to offset the first date to the left of the brick knowing that the purchaser of the brick may want to etch the closing date in 10, 15 yrs down the line while the brick in still on site?

Again, not sure if we can do this. Example: Lt John Smith PBCFR 1983 - _______. The remaining date would have an open space offset to the right to facilitate it being added.


Will a group or organization be able to purchase their own logo for the bricks? (Example: The PBCFR Pipes and Drums logo with an inspirational statement of honor inscribed on the brick surface.)

This would be a custom order. For more information or to order a custom logo, please contact either Amanda Myer or Douglas McGlynn.


Are there any additional charges for custom logos?

Special order price for the custom logo will be an additional $75 for the custom logo. The custom logo price of $75 is in addition to the regularly posted logo brick price of $75 per brick order.


If an Association brick is purchased with an logo selected, where does the logo get placed?

All logos on the 4X8 brick get placed on the left hand side of the brick. This limits the characters per line to facilitate the room for the logo. Association bricks have the logo on the top which would not reduce the number of characters per line.


If the logo is placed on the top of a brick, will the characters per line still be reduced from 20 to 15 characters per line?

The only bricks that can have the logos mounted at the top, are the association bricks ($200 for an 8X8 size brick.


If I purchase a cluster of Memorial brick orders can I have them placed near each other on The Walk of Honor?

Unfortunately due to the logistics involved and the contract agreement with the brick company, special requests for brick location or gurantees of brick location cannot be made regardless if multiple brick orders are placed together.


Additional Logos


Can more than one logo be selected for a single brick? (Example: One logo on the left and one on the right.)

Yes, you can use multiple logos per brick, but the amount of characters for the inscription will be reduced drastically (see next question).


How many characters will be reduced per line?

A single logo reduces the characters per line from 20 to 12, and two logos will reduce the number of characters per line from 20 to 5.


How much more will the additional logo cost per brick if it is the same logo on both sides?

Each Logo brick will be $75 with an additional charge of $75 to cover the other logo regardless of the logo design. A double logo brick would cost $150 and only allow a total of 5 characters per line.


How much more will the additional logo cost if it is a different logo on each side?

There will not be any difference in cost for the selected logos. All logos are prepaid by the project team in advance in order to deliver a flat fee price to our members and participating customers. There will be a set price of $75 per logo and/or logo brick.


How much more will the additional logo cost if the second logo is a custom ordered logo?

Each brick that elects to design their own logo will have an additional charge of $75 to create the logo itself. After that, every logo brick ordered from that design will be a flat fee of $75 unless the brick was elected to have two logos (in that case a $75 Memorial Brick with a custom ordered fee of $75 will still need the additional charge of $75 for the extra logo).


What will these cost figures amount to in an Association brick compared to a 4X8 brick?

All Association Bricks will be a set standard fee of $200. These bricks come with or without the logos for no additional cost.

9/11 Remembrance


Will there be a special remembrance section for the 343 who died in the line of duty on Sept 11th, 2001 for FDNY?

An area close to the memorial statute is reserved for fallen firefighters, both local and from Sept 11, 2001. A customized sculpture of artwork was created for the Fire Lobby Museum by Ray Altman for a 9-11 appropriate theme to honor our fallen FF's of the FDNY. The sculpture has authentic steel from the north tower of World Trade Center incorporated into the artwork design.