Project Pride

What is Project Pride?


The Project Pride initiative at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue started its mission in 2008 in order to preserve our heritage and tradition of merging great fire departments into who we are today. The goal of Project Pride is to increase the sense of ownership that our members have for our organization by maintaining three ongoing project initiatives at the Herman W. Brice Fire Rescue Complex

The Walk of Honor at The Fallen FF Memorial Park

The Walk of Honor at the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Park cherishes the memories of those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Help immortalize their memories today by buying a brick on the Walk of Honor.








The Training Tower Banner Project

The east wall of the six-story Training Tower is where our 20ft x 30ft, full-color, commercial-grade Tower Banner graphic is proudly displayed for all to see. The Tower Banner is a great way to enhance our sense of ownership for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue as it exemplifies the concepts of courage, valor, hard work, dedication and fire training excellence.








The Fire Museum

Our Fire Rescue Lobby Museum is located on the first and second floors of the Admin Building Lobby where old pre-consolidated photos, pieces of fire service memorabilia, vintage showcases and antiques dating back to the time before our Department consolidation in 1984 are proudly on display.

We are asking for donations of items such as:

pre-consolidation photos,

fire service memorabilia,

vintage showcases, and



It's important for our members to realize that this Department is what it is today because of the ones that came before us. Proceeds from The Walk of Honor brick sales and our special edition Department Anniversary Challenge Coins are what make these worthwhile projects and additions possible, so thank you!


Or contact Chief Doug McGlynn: